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        1. Promotion Pumps
        2. OCM
        3. Peristaltic Pump
        4. Peristaltic Pump Head
        5. Peristaltic Pump Tubes
        6. Accessories
        7. Syringe Pump
        8. Gear Pump
        9. Piston pump
        10. MicroPump
        11. MiniPump
        12. UD15 Pump Head
        13. UC25 Pump Head
        14. MD Series Pump Head
        15. MC Series Pump Head
        16. YZ Series Pump Head
        17. SN Series Pump Head
        18. DZ25-3L Pump Head
        19. DZ25-6L Pump Head
        20. UC15/UC20 Pump Head
        21. YZ35 Pump Head
        22. Medical Faccility
        23. Industry Field
        24. Food Industry
        25. Bio-pharmaceutical
        26. Common Products
        27. Company Profile
        28. Development Histroy
        29. Company Culture
        30. Research Center
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        32. Company News
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        39. Peristaltic pump
          Filling system
          Customized Solution
          Syringe pump
          Gear Pump
          Piston pump
          Laboratory Field
          Peristaltic Pump widely used in laboratory: Cell culture media, chromatography, waster water treatment, chemical reagents, filtration process, etc.
          Industry Field
          Shenchen Peristaltic Pump can be used for transferring viscous liuqid and liquid with fine particle, no need washing....
          Support OEM
          Peristaltic pump is widely used in supporting water quality analyzer, biochemical analyzer, physical and chemical ana...
          Customized Solution
          OCM customized fluid solution, using Shenchen peristaltic pump core technology, provides professional solution design...
          Flow Rate
             Input mL/min
          Dispensing Mode
          Dispensing Volume: mL(0~9999)
          Dispensing Time: S(0.5~9999) Pause Time: S(0.5~9999)
          Operation Mode
          Display Mode
          Housing Material
          Active Switch Control
          5V    12V    24V    Passive Switch Control
          Analog Control Speed
          4~20mA    0~5V    0~10V
          RS232Communication    Support Modbus Communication Protocol   
          Motor Working Status Output
          Products Application Support About Us   Contact Us
          Promotion Pumps
          Peristaltic Pump
          Peristaltic Pump Head
          Peristaltic Pump Tubes
          Syringe Pump
          Gear Pump
          Piston pump
            Product Selection
          Company Profile
          Development Histroy
          Company Culture
          Research Center
          Qualification Certificate
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